Full name

Kecy Salangad



Character Animation
Figure Drawing
Model Making


2007 – 2008
 Basic course of animation techniques
Universidad Politecnica de Valencia –Centro de formacion permanente.
Especialista universitario en animacion: Arte e Industria

2003 – 2007
 Degree in Fine Arts
Accademi di Belle Arti (Venice, Italy)
(Modeling, Engraving, Anatomical studies, Photography, Art history)

1996 -1999
 High school Diploma


Character Animator at IOD limited
April 2017 - present. London, UK
Wes Andersons "Isle of dogs"

Character Animator at Factory Transmedia
May 2015 - April 2017. Manchester, UK
Cbbc Tv Series Scream Street

Character Animator at Dadomani Studio
February 2015 – April 2015 Milan Area, Italy
Indipendent project of Dadomani studio:
“Paco” & “Kink”

Character Animator at Dadomani Studio
November 2014 – Dicember 2014, Milano Area, Italy.
Kinder Bueno TV commercial “Befana”
Christmas campaing for Coach New York “Wrong Takes”.

Character Animator
at Clay Animation
April 2014 – November 2014, Valencia Area, Spain
Second season of the tv series Clay Kids.

Freelance Character Animator
Studio Camuffo
February 2014 – May 2014 Venice Area, Italy
Advert for SUN68 an Italian casual-wear brand.

July – September 2013
Harmoge (Architeure studio specialized in interior designe for museums exibitons)
Italy /France.
Position: Model Maker (crafting 300 fiber glass rocks, for the archeological museum of Arles)

April – June 2012
Potens Studio, (Web series) Valencia Spain
Position: Animator

June – July 2012
Clay Animation Studio, (TV series Clay kids) Valencia Spain
Position: Assistant model maker, prop maker.

July – November 2011
Clay Animation Studio, (TV series Clay kids) Valencia Spain
Position: Assistant model maker, prop maker.

June – July 2008
Clay Animation Studio, Valencia Spain
Internship: working as set assistant, prop maker, animation assistant.

2003 – 2007
Benor Masks (traditional venetian mask shop), Venice Italy
Position: Junior mask maker (traditional papier mache masks).


2012 “Santa Crisis” : 2" stop motion animated short film, realized in Spain with a group of Creatives friends, joined under the brand Sukolega. 
Role: Story boarding, Moldel making, Set dressing, Animatin, Compositing.

2013 “Pollo Roto” (pilot episode) A work in progress project, realized in Spain with a group of Creatives friends, joined under the brand Sukolega.
Role: Story boarding, Model making, Set dressing, lighting, Animation.

2013 “The other side” Stop motion animated music video, realized in Spain (Sukolega), for the band The Eternal Fall.
Role: Lighting, Animation.

2015 “Mr Theremin” Stop motion animated music video, realized in Venice, Italy (Frame by Frame studio) for the italian musician Vincenzo Vasi


 “Atelier Aperti”, Fine arts academy Venice 2005
Event sponsored by the 51° international art expo.
Biennale di Venezia.
Group exhibition of engravings

 “Sogni Incisi”, ARKE’ Art Gallery Venice 2006
Group exhibition of engravings

 “Biennale dell’incisione Italiana”, Tiepolo Price Mirano – Ve 2007
Barchessa di Villa Giustinian Morosini.
Jury recognition

 “Devozioni Domestiche”, Contemporaneo Gallery Mestre – Ve 2008
Recent works from the Venice academy of fine arts
Group exhibition of Art


Photoshop – Basic level
After Effects – Intermediate level
Illustrator – Basic level
Frame Grabbers
Dragon stop motion
Stop motion pro v.5
Monkey Jam

Italian – mother tongue
English – good level, speaking and writing
Spanish – good level, speaking and writing
Tagalog – good level, speaking


Friendly – I like to generate positive atmosphere, always willing to help if asked.
Open – I like sharing ideas and doubts, always open to direct and indirect criticism.
Intuitive – Quick learner, critical understanding of styles and aesthetics.
Diligent – Tireless hard worker, always willing to do extra hours.
Curious – I like to explore new creative solutions and conveying different interests in to polished appealing work. Diversity – consistency – appeal – creativity are my main guides.